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Firearms used in half of global homicides says new WHO report
December 11:Firearms were used in about half of the 475,000 murders committed worldwide in 2012, according to the new Global status report on violence prevention 2014 published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (U.N.) Development Programme (UNDP), and the U.N. Office of Crime and Drugs (UNODC). 

Letters to the editor of the New York Times
September 25: Letters from David Keppel (an FCNL member), Stephen Young (a staff person with Union of Concerned Scientists) and from Ira Helfand (representing IPPNW). Ira specifically calls for a ban on nuclear weapons.

The "Race to 50" is won!
At a special ceremony at the United Nations in New York, several states, including the Bahamas, St Lucia, Portugal, Senegal, and Uruguay ratified the Arms Trade Treaty, helping to exceed the magic number of 50 required for the treaty to enter into force. 

IPPNW World Congress issues Astana Declaration
“We live in dangerous times, surrounded by challenges that can seem intractable. Yet we also see signs of hope. We leave Astana recommitted to achieving a world without nuclear weapons and without war, which provides for the health, safety, and security of all."

Doctors, Parliamentarians Address Health Impacts of Gun Violence at UN
“On an average day in the United States 86 people are killed by guns,” was one of many alarming facts presented by IPPNW’s Dr. Bill Durston at a June 17th panel conducted by IPPNW, the Parliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons and IANSA at the UN Fifth Biennial Meeting of States to Consider Implementation of the Programme of Action (PoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons.