Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare or Mankind (SNDWM)

[Updated March 3, 2016]

About the nigerian affiliate

This society was formed in February 1988 as a response to the specific need for public enlightenment and social responsibility that was virtually non-existent in Nigeria at that time.

The Nigerian state was under prolonged military rule which made arbitrary rules and regulations that had adverse effects on the civil society. Also, public health education, though a necessity for promoting health was seen by some as an uphill task. Sometimes it was regarded as an anti-government action. A group of doctors who have been in private practice for many years felt this must not be allowed to continue. Some interested members of private doctors’ organisation (AGPMPN) began giving public lectures and wrote articles in various newspapers and participates in television programmes that had public health and environmental issues/components. The ten (10) foundation members of this new group called itself SOCIETY OF NIGERIAN DOCTORS FOR THE WELFARE OF MANKIND (SNDWM). Dr. Kale was elected the president. The group also reached out to other medical and non medical groups within and outside Nigeria including medical students. In the process we were in contact with IPPNW. From then on we increased our tempo of work and attended international meetings where we got more information and experience. We also received a lot of help from the British group called Medical Campaign against Nuclear Weapons. Membership of SNDWM increased above 200 at a time.

Projects • In 2003- Hosted the 5th African regional conference. • LIFE SAVER CARDS (LSC) is part of our work to produce LSC that carry vital medical information for each individual. Happily it has now been replaced by the national identity card that carries essentially the same information. • From 2004 till date, we’ve been involved in small arms violence prevention and injury surveillance projects. We were represented in several meetings and conferences both locally and internationally on these subjects.

Over the years the officers continued to change as individual circumstances changed and the zeal of younger doctors and medical students provided a significant source of our strength. One of the most exciting parts has been the tenacious and consistent good work of Dr. Ime John who has now mobilized a good crop of younger members.

How can locals get involved with the affiliate today?

Criteria for membership: open to any medical doctors and medical students. Somer of the current priorites of SNDWM are the Multinational Injury Surveillance Project, attending conferences on the Arms Trade Treaty and World Injury and working on including young doctors and students through public lectures and events. Local partners also include the Nigerian Action Network on Small Arms (NANSA) and Youth for Peace (YFP)