Planned Giving

Thank you for your interest in supporting IPPNW!

Sadako statue

Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl, developed leukemia in 1955 from the effects of radiation caused by the bombing of Hiroshima. While hospitalized, her closest friend reminded her of the Japanese legend that if she folded a thousand origami cranes, she would be granted a wish. Sadaki and her paper cranes remain a powerful symbol of hope and determination, and a tragic reminder of the terrible cost of nuclear weapons. 

There are few gifts more meaningful than the gift of peace. As the need for IPPNW's work becomes increasingly vital, so too does the urgency for each of us to examine the impact our lives and actions will have on the world that we leave to future generations.

As you consider your personal legacy, we hope that you will consider remembering the work of IPPNW, and will accept our invitation to become a member of the Sadako Peace Society.

Founded in 2001, the Sadako Peace Society was created in remembrance of Sadako Sasaki of the thousand paper cranes, to acknowledge friends and supporters who have chosen to ensure future support for IPPNW and its mission by participating in one of our planned giving programs. Planned giving helps to secure our future and to ensure that IPPNW’s mission of peace through health continues.

IPPNW is pleased to offer several methods of planned giving to our supporters.

Gifts Under Will:
Specific Bequests – A specific bequest is a gift of a specified amount of cash (designated by either a percentage or dollar amount) or property.

Residuary Bequests – A residuary bequest is a gift (again designated by either a percentage or dollar amount) of the assets remaining after the distribution of an estate’s specific bequests.

Contingent Bequests – A contingent bequest is a gift made only if an estate’s primary beneficiaries are unable or unwilling to accept the bequest.

Other Assets Available for Contribution:
IPPNW is pleased to accept cash, appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance policies, retirement plans, patents, and stock options, either outright or to fund life income gifts, where possible. We encourage you to make the IPPNW Development Department aware of your plans as soon as possible so that we may provide any additional information you or your advisors may need.

Contact Us:
For more information on how you can begin to formalize your legacy through the Sadako Peace Society of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, please direct all inquiries to Michael Christ via e-mail.

IPPNW is a non-profit organization registered under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All gifts to IPPNW are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID#: 04-2702110