Dr. Mtonga Scholarship Honor Roll

“Some people work for peace because they hate injustice,” observed IPPNW co-president Ira Helfand. “I think Bob worked for peace because he loved people, which is an even more powerful motivation.” With gratitude to the following donors for their gracious and generous support of the Dr. Robert Mtonga Memorial Scholarship.

Helen Barsosio
Mathew Bolton
Frank Boulton
Michael Christ
Richard Denton
Cathey Falvo
Bob Gould
Ira Helfand
Bjorn Hilt
Daniel Karp
Meit Krakau Arthur Milholland and Luann Mostello
Elizabeth Minor
Andi Niedecker
Tilman Ruff
Maria Valenti
Sue Wareham

To support the Mtonga Memorial Scholarship, simply click here. In the “comments” box at the end of the form, type “Mtonga Scholarship donation.” For further information, or to make a donation by bank transfer, please contact IPPNW executive director Michael Christ at mchrist@ippnw.org.

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