Prevention of War, Conflict and Armed Violence
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Affiliate members around the world are actively working to reduce deaths and injuries from small arms on a global scale. IPPNW has prepared a resource section of materials that may be helpful. We encourage affiliate members to download and print the materials for regional and local use.

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Aiming for Prevention Campaign Materials

Papers, Publications, Statements on Health and Armed Violence

Journal of Public Health Policy Special Section: Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa - A Major Challenge to Public Health and Development

Special Section on the prevention of injuries caused by violence in Vol.24, No. 4 (2008), Medicine, Conflict and Survival. Abstracts are available online and full papers can be obtained by contacting the lead author.


Books, Papers, Publications (brief bibliography)

IPPNW Statements on Small Arms and Light Weapons

Health and War in Iraq


Primary Care of Landmine Injuries in Africa. Produced by IPPNW. Contributing Editor: Ian Maddocks. Editorial: Piji Protopsaltis, Lynn Martin, and John Loretz. Design: Lynn Martin. 2000. This was a 70+ page document, so it is broken up into chapter for more maneageable downloading.
Chapter 1: Basic Information [PDF]
Chapter 2: Care at the Place Where Injury Occurs [PDF]
Chapter 3: Care at the Rural Clinic [PDF]
Chapter 4: Care at the District Hospital
Part 1 [PDF]
Part 2 [PDF]
Part 3 [PDF]
Part 4 [PDF]
Part 5 [PDF]
Part 6 [PDF]
Chapter 5: Rehabilitation [PDF]
Chapter 6: Psycho-social Issues Consequent on Landmine Injury [PDF]

Peaceful Caucases: A Future Without Mines. Report on the Second International Conference on Landmines in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. December 5-7, 1999. [PDF]