IPPNW Central Office Staff

Michael Christ

Michael Christ
Executive Director

As a father, Michael Christ is worried about the future of his children. As IPPNW's Executive Director, he is convinced that physicians and health workers worldwide have a major role to play in ensuring that coming generations are protected from the effects of war and the threat of nuclear destruction. Michael joined the organization in 1988 with a background in environmental economics and political activism. He describes his visits to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1989, and to the downwind community of Karaul near the former Soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan in 1990, as "life changing." Michael led IPPNW's World Court Project to persuade the World Health Organization and the United Nations to challenge the legality of nuclear weapons at the International Court of Justice. As Director of Programs from 1996 to 1998, he was responsible for numerous projects and campaigns on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament and helped to launch IPPNW's landmines campaign. Michael was appointed Executive Director in January 1998.


John Loretz

John Loretz
Program Director

John has worked on behalf of peace, disarmament, and environment organizations for more than three decades. As IPPNW's Program Director, since 2000, he is responsible for coordinating the federation's work on the medical and humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the public health and environmental dangers of nuclear energy. He represents IPPNW on the core group of ICAN -- the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. As a nuclear policy expert, he has joined physician delegations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and coordinates IPPNW's participation at major UN-based meetings on nuclear weapons and disarmament. John has written and spoken extensively on nuclear issues, and is a regular contributor to IPPNW's Peace and Health Blog and other publications. A graduate of Boston College with an MA from the University of Virginia, John was Communications Director for Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) in the early 1980s and at IPPNW's US affiliate, Physicians for Social Responsibility, in Washington, DC, from 1986-1990. He was the Executive Editor of IPPNW's journal, Medicine & Global Survival, from 1995 until it ceased publication in 2002.


Maria ValentiMaria Valenti
Program Director, Aiming For Prevention

Maria has served since 2004 as the half-time director of IPPNW's Aiming for Prevention armed violence prevention program. She provides a wide range of support to IPPNW affiliates worldwide who are working on this issue including helping to develop, implement and monitor research, education and advocacy programs. She writes, publishes and presents on public health approaches to armed violence and on related policy issues. She assists affiliates in such areas as communications, conferences, campaign materials, research, publishing, fundraising, and other avenues to support their local to international efforts. She represents IPPNW at forums such as the United Nations, and in international coalitions and networks including the World Health Organization's Violence Prevention Alliance. She also continues to work in the field of environmental health, which intersects with the public health issue of violence. She previously served in leadership positions for 18 years with Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, a founding chapter of IPPNW's US affiliate, PSR. 


Aki MorizonoAki Morizono
Communications Associate

Aki's primary intention is to increase affiliate members' access to information that will support them in leading lives of local and global engagement. She accomplishes this by coordinating the streams of communication (website, listservs, facebook, and twitter) and also as the editor and designer of IPPNW's international newsletter, Vital Signs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from Lewis and Clark College, and studied graphic design at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.