North Korean Nuclear Crisis

[IPPNW and its affiliates have joined more than 400 other organizations calling for a non-violent, diplomatic resolution to eliminate the threat of a nuclear weapons program in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The text of an international sign-on letter to the US administration and to other world leaders, with a complete list of signatories, follows.]

President of The United States George W. Bush
President of The Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea (DPRK)
President of The Republic of Korea (ROK)
The Prime Minister of Japan
President Hu Jintao of China
President Putin of Russia
Prime Minister John Howard of Australia

cc: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of State Colin Powell
Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice

The Foreign Minister of the DPRK

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer
The Foreign Minister of China
Igor Ivanov, Foreign Minister of Russia
The Foreign Minister of The Republic of Korea

Re: North Korea Nuclear Weapons Crisis

Dear President Bush, President Kim Jong-Il, President Hu Jintao, President Putin, Prime Minister Koizumi, Prime Minister John Howard, Secretaries of State and Foreign Ministers,

The undersigned organizations, representing millions of people, are writing to you to urge that a peaceful solution be reached to the problems posed by the possible existence of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula.

We believe strongly that talk of military solutions and “regime change” must be firmly removed from consideration, and a solution arrived at that promotes the well-being and security of all parties on an equal basis, and that contributes to the elimination of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

It must also be borne in mind that whatever the size and capabilities of the DPRK nuclear arsenal, it in no way remotely compares with the 8-12,000 warheads of the US arsenal, the approximately 22,000 warheads of the Russian arsenal, the roughly 400 warheads held by China and France, the 200-400 held by Israel, the 150-200 held by the UK, nor even with the arsenals held by India and Pakistan. The DPRK has from at least 1956, faced the threat of US nuclear weapons and up to 100 tactical nuclear warheads were stationed south of the DMZ until at least 1991.

The desire of the DPRK to defend itself may be understandable. Nonetheless, a DPRK nuclear capability could lead to the early pursuit of nuclear capabilities by the RoK, Japan and Taiwan, putting the global framework of nuclear nonproliferation in grave jeopardy. Further nuclear proliferation must be prevented. A return to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula is not at all an empty dream, but a vital necessity.

However it is the strong belief of the undersigned organisations that attempts to use force, sanctions, threats of sanctions, 'regime change', or talk of such measures not only bear no possibility of producing a peaceful and nuclear free Korean Peninsula, but run a real risk of complete catastrophe. Threats of this kind, as the DPRK itself has repeatedly made clear, will induce the DPRK not only to retain and to augment its nuclear arsenal, but may induce it to actually contemplate its use.

Even a conventional war on the Korean Penninsula, which would almost certainly result from military action, would be catastrophic. Some 4 million people are said to have died in the 1950-53 Korean War, while up to 10 million people are unable to visit families because of the border. The existence of a large number of nuclear power plants in the RoK would mean that even a conventional conflict could be catastrophic in its consequences.

The undersigned organizations believe that the only way to solve the proliferation problem is for the US and the other nuclear weapon states to finally make good on their nuclear disarmament commitments under Article VI of the NPT. The double standard regarding their ownership must be eliminated along with the weapons themselves. The ownership of nuclear weapons by the US is in itself the most powerful motivator for a DPRK arsenal, whatever its real capabilities. It is vital, not only that the DPRK uphold and not withdraw from the NPT, but that the US abide by its NPT obligations. The US cannot ask the DPRK to respect the NPT when US plans to develop new nuclear weapons types violate its clear Article VI obligations.

Estimates of DPRK capabilities vary, but it seems reasonable to suggest that if it does not now have at least a rudimentary nuclear arsenal, it soon will have. It is prudent to make the most pessimistic assumptions in assessing the risks of any course of action, and not to assume that DPRK claims are “bluff.”

Accordingly, we can only conclude that the risk of nuclear weapons actually being used, is such that military options, or options that could eventually lead to military options, should be decisively removed from consideration and be demonstrably taken off the menu of possibilities. In this case even the very contemplation of such options creates a very real risk of a “pre-preemptive strike.”

We absolutely urge the US administration to desist from the contemplation of military options or of any option that might lead to military action.

We urge the US administration to signal to the DPRK by its own actions, that will encourage the DPRK to enter into real engagement with the RoK, with Japan, with Russia and China, and with the US itself, that will lead to an overall reduction of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The DPRK has asked the US for a nonaggression pact. We believe this is a reasonable request that would lead to a genuine reduction of tensions in the peninsula.

We are firmly of the belief that this is not merely a realistic option, but that it is the only realistic option.

If the US is serious about discouraging nuclear proliferation worldwide, the single most vital thing it must do is live up to its own obligations under article VI of the NPT, to accomplish the total and unequivocal elimination of its own vast nuclear arsenal.

There is a clear choice:

On the one hand, peace on the Korean Peninsula.

On the other side, a continued increase in tensions, a continued increase in both conventional and nuclear arsenals, and finally a disastrous resort to military action that risks the use of nuclear weapons against Korean, Japanese, or possibly US, cities.

The choice is clear. We urge you to choose peace.


International Organizations

Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, President, Mayors for Peace, (547Cities in 107 countries), Hiroshima, Japan
Emma Mc Gregor-Mento, Outreach and Development Coordinator, Abolition-2000, (2000 organisations), NY, USA
Ron Mc Coy, President, John Loretz, Program Director, Dr Mary Wynne-Ashford, Past President, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), Cambridge MA, USA
Dr Hermann Spanjaard, Vice President, IPPNW-Europe, Utrecht, Neth
Regina Hagen, International Network of Scientists and Engineers Against Proliferation (INESAP), Darmstadt, Germany
Bruce K. Gagnon, GLOBENET, Brunswick ME, USA
Ricardo Navarro, Chair, Friends of the Earth International (FOEI), El Salvador
Pol D' Huyvetter, For Mother Earth International, Ghent, Belgium
Peer de Rijk, World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Amsterdam
Colin Archer, Secretary-General, Victor de La Barera, International Peace Bureau (IPB), Geneva
Thanasis Pafilis,Secy, World Peace Council (WPC), Greece
Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace, (HAP), NY USA
Rhianna Tyson, Project Associate, Reaching Critical Will, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF), United Nations, NY, USA
Silvi Sterr, International Secretary, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Geneva, Yumi Kikuchi, Founder Global Peace Campaign, Japan
Steve Leeper, Global Peacemakers Association, Hiroshima, Japan
Bahig Nassar, Coordinator, Arab Coordination Center of NGOs, Egypt
Vijay Mehta - World Disarmament Campaign, LOND, UK
Ehile Manasseh, International Centre for Regional and Ethnic Conflict Resolution (ICRECR) Nigeria
Charles Merceica, President, International Association of Educators for Peace, Huntsville, Ala, USA
Carol Rosin, President, Institute for Cooperation in Space, Calif USA/Vancouver Canada
Karen Talbot, International Council for Peace and Justice, San Francisco, Calif
Wilbert Van Der Zeijden, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam, Neth
Joan Russow, Global Compliance Project, BC, Canada
Lorraine Krofchock, Grandmothers for Peace International, Elk Grove Calif
Glenn D. Paige, Centre for Global Nonviolence, Honululu
Ahmad Souessi, Director, Nord-Sud, Geneva
David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), Santa Barbara, Calif
Douglas Mattern, President, Association of World Citizens, San Francisco
Seong Hoon-Lee, Pax Romana ICMICA, Geneva
Dr Mohamed El Anouar Koutchoukali, Secy-General, Justitia Universalis, Hague, Neth

United States Organizations

Sandy Silver, Damien de Lu, Co-Presidents, WILPF-USA, Philadelphia
Peter Weiss, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP), NY
Ellen Thomas, Proposition-1 Committee, Washington, USA
Martin Butcher, Director of Security Programs, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) Washington DC USA
Robert M. Gould MD, President, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) San Francisco, Calif, USA
Peter Wilk, PSR-Maine, Portland Maine
Alice Slater, Global Resource and Action Centre for the Environment (GRACE) NY, USA
Marylia Kelley Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment), Livermore, Ca
Carol S. Wolman, MD, Mendocino Peace Action Group, Calif, USA
Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator, Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space (Globenet), Maine, USA
Ellen Thomas, Proposition-1 Committee, Washington DC
Bill Smirnow, Nuclear Free New York, Huntington, New York, USA
Pamela Meidell, Atomic Mirror, Port Hueneme, Calif
Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation (WSLF), Oakland, Calif
Shiela Baker, Vandenberg Watch, San Luis Obispo, Calif, USA
Mark D. Stansbery, For Mother Earth (USA), Columbus Ohio
Mary Olson, NIRS, North Carolina
Wenona Hauter, Public Citizen
Kalynda, Shundahai Network, Las Vegas, Nevada
Greg Mello, Los Alamos Study Group, Albuquerque, NM
Harvey Wasserman, Citizens Protecting Ohio, Bexley, Ohio
John La Forge, NUKEWATCH, Wisconsin USA
Jack Cohen-Joppa, Nuclear Resister
Leslie Kagan, United for Peace and Justice, (600 US Organisations) NY
Alfred L. Marder, President, US Peace Council, New Haven, Conn, USA
Alfred L. Marder, City of New Haven Peace Commission, New Haven, USA
Marj Wunder, Chair, Minneapolis/Hiroshima Friendship Cities
James Boland, Peace Resource Centre, Wilmington College, Ohio
David Hartsough, Peaceworkers, San Francisco, Calif
Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action, Silver Spring MD
Bill Towe, North Carolina Peace Action
Bill Towe, North Carolina Peace Action Education Fund
David Agnew, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, Mass
Spirit Eagle, Orcas Peace Alliance, Wash, USA
Justine Cooper, Peace House, Ashland, Ore
Peter Bergel, Oregon Peace Works, Salem, Ore
Yael Martin, Promoting Enduring Peace, Milford, Ct
Alan D. Moore, Musicians and Artists for World Peace, Vallejo, Ca
Diane Bader, Grandmothers for Peace, Wilton, CA
Molly Johnston, Grandmothers for Peace/San Luis Obispo Chapter
Rochelle Becker, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, Pismo Bch Calif
Jenna Foran, Earth Action, Amherst, MA
Scott Chaplin, Stepstone Centre, Colorado
Gar Smith, The Edge, Berkley, Ca
Women In Black, Colville, Wa
Leuren Moret, Scientists for Indigenous People, Berkley, Calif
Sandra Lindberg, No New Nukes, Bloomington, Il
Judith H. Johnsrud, Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power, Penn, USA,
Bruce A. Drew, Prairie Island Coalition, Minn
Greg Wingard, Waste Action Project, Seattle
Mitzi & Peter Bowman, Don't Waste Connecticut, New Haven, Ct
Fred & Sue Fracke, Citizens Against Hazardous and Nuclear Waste, Sugarloaf, Penn
Ethel Tobach, President, Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence, US Psychological Association
Bob Kinsey, Peace and Justice Task Force, Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ, Boulder Colo
Dave Robinson, Pax Christi, USA
Jean Maloney, Susan Baldus, Maryknoll Sisters, NY
Ned Stove, Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Washington
Rev. Howard Lee Kilby, Zen Centre of Hot Springs, Ar
Sheldon Nedile, Planetary Activation Organisation, Maui, Hawaii
Bill Pfieffer, Sacred Earth Network, Amherst, Ma
Andrew Hund, Coordinator, Alaska/Arctic Environmental Defence, Anchorage, Alaska
Rev. Richard K. Heacock, Alaska-IMPACT, Fairbanks, North American Water Office, Lake Elmo, Minn
Srikumar Poddar, India Foundation, Lansing, Michigan
Mayurka Poddar, Seva International, Okemos, Michigan
Dr K.S. Sripada Raju, Vaishnava Centre for Enlightenment, Okemos, Mich
Steve Malkus, Project Catalyst
Dick Bennett, OMNI Centre for Peace, Justice, and Ecology, Fayetteville, Ar
Charles Bazerman, UCSB Campus Community Peace Group
John Kim, Veterans for Peace, -Korea Peace Campaign, USA
Scott Kenneddy, Vice-Mayor, City of Santa Cruz
Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange, San Francisco
Catherine Dishion, UNA-USA Santa Barbara Chapter
Marc Mc Ginnes, Peaceful Relations Institute, Santa Barbara, Calif
Jonathan Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Alan Muller, Green Delaware, Del
David Crockett Williams, Global Emergency Alert Response, Techahapi, Calif
Gregory Wright, WRIGHT THINKING, Calif
Sharon Abreu, Exec Director, Irthlingz, Eastsound, Wash
Jeanie Keltner, 'Because People Matter', Calif State Uni, Sacramento
Calif, Voices in the Wilderness, Chicago, Ill
Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War, San Francisco
Genivieve Vaughan, International Feminists for a Gift Economy, Austin, Texas

Canadian Organizations

Alan Connelly MD, President, Joanna Santa Barbara, Past President, Physicians for Global Survival (PGS)
Alan F. Philips, Hamilton Chapter PGS, Hamilton, Canada
Dr Ross Wilcox, PGS Woodstock, Canada
Darrell Rankin, Canadian Peace Alliance
Rene Silva, Canadian Committee to Combat Crimes Against Humanity, Montreal, Quebec
Kira Van Deusen, Foundation for Siberian Culture and Native Exchange, Vancouver, BC
Jennifer Alan Simons, Simons Foundation, Vancouver BC
David Morgan, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, (VANA), Vancouver BC
Aleta Cooper, Mon Unity League, Vancouver BC
Svend-Robinson MP, NDP Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Ottawa
Libby Davies, MP Vancouver-East, Hs of Commons, Ottawa, Canada,

UK Organizations

Carol Naughton, Chair, CND, Lond
Jenny Maxwell, West Midlands CND,Birmingham UK
Jacqui Darbyshire, Greater Mancester and District CND
Anna Cheetham, Co-Chair, Leicester CND
Reuben Ralph, Woking CND, Woking Surrey
Patricia Pulham, Coordinator, Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CCND), London, UK
Janet Laycock/Barbara Hardcastle, Wallasey CND, UK
Jill Stallard, CND-Cymru, Wales
Diana Frances, Co-Chair, Stop The War Coalition, Bath UK
George Farebrother, World Court Project, UK
Anni Rainbow/Lindis Percy, Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB), Yorks, UK
Angie Zelter, Reforest the Earth, Cromer, Norfolk, UK
Sian Jones, Aldermaston Womens Peace Group, Aldermaston, Berks
Di Mc Donald, Nuclear Information Service, Southampton, UK
Claire Poyner, Abolition2000 UK, Lond, UK
Elizabeth Compton, Fellowship of Reconciliation England, Kettering, UK
Dave Parry, Fellowship of Reconciliation Scotland,
Diana Rhodes, Seed of Life Peace Foundation, Machynlleth, Powys, Wales
Ralph Ryder, Communities Against Toxics, Cheshire, UK
Peter J. Davies, UN Rep, 'Saferworld', UK
Frank Cook MP, House of Commons Lond, Fmr Chair, NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Alice Mahon MP Member for Halifax, House of Commons, Lond
David Chaytor MP, Member for Bury North, Hs of Commons, London
Alan Simpson MP, House of Commons, Lond
Dr Caroline Lucas, MEP Greens, SE England,

Russian/CIS Organizations

Prof. Alexey Yablokov, President, Center for Russian Environmental Policy, Moscow, Russia
Vladimir Slivyak, ECODEFENSE, Moscow
Dr Vyasheslav Sharov, Hanford/Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Andrei Laletin, Friends of the Siberian Forests
Jennie Sutton, Baikal Environmental Wave, Irkutsk, Russia
Roman Dolgov, IPPNW-Russia
Sergey Kolesnikov MP, Duma Member, Vice Pres, IPPNW-Russia

Ilya Trombitsky, BIOTICA Ecological Society, Moldova
Pavlo Khazan, Friends of the Earth Ukraine
Serghiy Fedoryncyk, Zelenyi Zvit (Green World) Kiev, Ukraine
Alla Shevchuck, Social-Ecological Union Odessa, Ukr
George Abulashvili, Director, EEC-Georgia, Tblisi, Georgia
Egidijus Vareikis MP, Lithuania
Jan Beranek, WISE-Brno, Czech Republic

Romanian Organizations

Sibenii Pacifisti, Sibiu
Holocaust Compact Information Centre, Sibiu, Romania
Casa Europeii, Sibiu, Romania
Romanian Peace Association
Constantin Cretu, President, 'Carpathians Genius', Bucharest
Grandmothers for Peace Romania
Aurel Duta, MAMA TERRA/For Mother Earth Romania, Bucharest
Milena Bokova, TIME-Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria

Croatian Organizations

Association of Citizens for Reconciliation, Osijek, Croatia
PALISOOD, Osijek, Croatia
Iadranka Pelikan, NGO Eko-Zadar, Zadar, Croatia

Serbian/Bosnia-Herzegovinia Organizations

Darijo Lazic, Human Rights Education Youth Program, Republica Serbska
Darijo Lazic, National Youth Council, Republica Serbska
Mladen Karic, President, Union of Carrier-Pigeons, Banja Luka, Republica Serbska, Bosnia/Herzegovinia

Netherlands Organizations

Harry Van Bommell, MP, Netherlands
Ak Malten, Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance, Hague
Karel Koster Project on European Nuclear Nonproliferation (PENN)
Martin Brock, Campagne Tegen Wapenhandel, Amst
Christian Ernsten, Alert! Groningen, Groningen, Neth
Carolien Van De Stadt, Hannah Deeman-Volcker, WILPF-Netherlands
Wilbert Helsloot, VIA-NL (SCI-Netherlands), Amsterdam

Belgian Organizations

Eloi Glorieux MP, Greens, Belgium
Michael Maertens, (fmr Senator) President, IPU-Belgium/Korea
Edith Klein, European Commission, Brussells

French Organizations

Jean-Marie Matagne, President, Action des Citoyens pour le Desarmement Nucleaire, (ACDN), Fr
Dominique Lalanne, Stop Essais/Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Paul Lannoye MEP, Greens, France/Brussells

Italian Organizations

Michele di Paolantonio MD, IPPNW Italy
Mr Christione Francesini, President, ASSOKIPLING, Florence, Italy
Roberto Del Bianco, Peace-Link, Taranto, Italy
Dr Fulgida Barattoni, President, International Peace Bureau-Italy
Luisa Morgantini MEP, Italy

Jordi Armadans, Fundacio per la Pau, Sp
Joseph M. Cachia, Malta Social Forum, Malta

German Organizations

Eva Quistorp/Reta Kaur, Women for Peace
Eva Quistorp, International Peace Bureau (IPB) Germany, Bernd Frieboese, BARSEBAEKSOFFENSIV Germany
Regina Hagen, Darmstadter Friedensforum, Darmstadt, Germany
Wolfgang Hertle, Archiv Aktiv, Roland Blach, Non-Violent Action to Abolish Nukes, Kornwesthiem
Roland Blach, German Peace Society Baden-Wurtemburg, Stuttgart
Kai Uwe-Dosch, Deutsche Friedensgesselschaft Vereinigte Kriegsdienstgegen Innen, Hamm
Jurgen Grasslin, Speaker, German Peace Society/United War Resisters, Velbert, Germany
Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck, Friedens und Begegnungstaette Mutlangen e.V
Dr Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, MEP, PDS(GUE/NGL) Germany
Benjamin Hoff MP State of Berlin, (PDS)
Dr Frank Thiel, MP, Saxony-Anhalt (PDS) Magdeburg

Dr Hans Koechler, President, International Progress Organisation, Vienna
Anreas Pecha, Austrian Peace Council, Vienna

Norwegian Organizations

Bent Natvig, Norwegian Pugwash Committee, Oslo
Stine Rodmyr, Nei Til Atomvapen, Oslo, Norway
Bjorn Hildt, IPPNW Norway, Trondhiem, Norway
Hallgeir H. Langeland MP

Barbara Bradefors, Chair, Swedish Peace Committee, Stockholm
Teema Matinpuro, Finnish Peace Committee

Danish Organizations

Finn and Tove Eckmann, Liason Committee for Peace and Security, Copenhagen Denmark
Annelise Ebbe, WILPF-Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
Poul Eck Sorensen, Peace Movement of Esbjerg, Esbjerg, Denmark

Thor Magnusson, Peace-2000 Insititute, Reykjavik, Iceland
Jean-Luc Riond, IPPNW-Switzerland, Basel, Switz

Indian Organizations

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, President, Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection, Nagpur, India
Admiral Ramdas, Mrs Lalita Ramdas Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament (CNDP)
Admiral Ramdas, Mrs Lalita Ramdas, Peace India
Admiral Ramdas, Mrs Lalita Ramdas, Pakistan-India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy
Harsh Kapoor, South Asians Against Nukes
Indu Prakash Singh, Action Aid India, New Delhi
J. Sri Raman, Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW), Chennai, India
Sukla Sen, EKTA, (Committee for Communal Amity) Mumbai (Bombay)
Neingulo Krome, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Kohima, Nagaland
Anjali Daimari, Boro Womens Justice Forum, Guwahati, Assam
Pascal Alan Nazereth, Sarvodaya International Trust, Bangalore
Leo F. Saldhana, Environment Support Group, Bangalore
Vasant Kumar Bawa, Shanti Foundation, Hyderabad, India
Dr Vikram Vyas, Ajit Foundation, Jaipur
Dr George Thomas, Physicians for Peace, Chennai, TN
International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice, Rajghat
Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIA
Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network, New Delhi
Souparna Lahiri, Delhi Forum, Malaviya Nagar, New Delhi
N.D. Pandoli, Convenor, Amiya & B.G. Rao Foundation, New Delhi
Prof. Dinesh Mohan, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Delhi
Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM), Howrah, W. Bengal
S.P. Udayakumar, South Asian Community Centre Education and Research Trust, Nagercoil, TN
L.S.M. Hasan Fisal, Advocate, High Court, Chennai, India

Pakistani Organizations

Syed Fahad Ahmad Burney, Ms Shaheen Burney, Vice-Chairs, Ansar Burney Trust, Karachi, Pakistan
Prof. M. Ismail, Chair, RISE, Peshawar
A.H.Nayyar, Francisco d'Sa, Citizens Peace Committee, Rawalpindi/Islamabad
Muhammad Sharif Bajwa, Human Rights Foundation, Islamabad
All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU), Islamabad

Arab Organizations

Amal Basha, Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, Sa'A, Yemen
Faroul Abu Eisa, Arab Lawyers Union, Cairo, Egypt
Ibrahim Nawar, Arab Press Freedom Watch, Lond
Ayman Rabeh, Arab Association of Young Lawyers
Boudjema Ghechir, President, Algerian League for Human Rights
Sama Aweida, Coordinator, Arab Womens Forum-Aisha, East Jerusalem
Sama Aweida, Womens Study Centre, Palestine
Palestinian Council for Peace and Justice (PCJP), Ramallah, Palestine
Dr Violette Daguerre, Arab Commission for Human Rights, (France)
Danis Christofinis, Secy, Cyprus Peace Council, Cyprus

Israeli Organizations

Gila Svirsky, Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel
Penina Feiler, Women in Black, Kibbutz Yad-Hannah, Israel
Annelien Kisch, New Profile, Israel
Yaniv-Mizrohi, GP-MED
Abraham Weizfeld, Jewish Peoples Liberation Organisation, Montreal, Canada

Lebanese Organizations

Abdul Karim Meho, Kurdish Democratic Party, Beirut, Lebanon
Ayman Jallad, President, Humanitarian Group for Social Development, Beirut, Lebanon
Stephen Stanton, Chair, Cedar Watch, Lebanon/Lond/Aust

Bangladeshi Organizations

MV Faruque, Youth Approach to Development and Cooperation (YADC), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr M.A. Bari, Coordinator, Integrated Child Health Organisation
Ameer H. Chowdhury, Institute for Environment and Development Studies Dhaka

Nepali Organizations

Chauyen Lai Shrestha, President, Youth Alliance for Development (YADC), Nepal
Chauyen lai Shrestha, Secy-General, International Youth Cooperation Council-Nepal
Chauyen Lai Shrestha, Director, Association of World Citizens-Nepal
Ms Sarmila Adhikari, Chair, Women and Environment Development Organisation, Kathmandhu

Malaysian Organizations

Irene Xavier, President, Friends of Women, Selangor, Malaysia
Ron McCoy, Chair, Malaysian Physicians Against Nuclear War, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Bishan Singh, Sustainable Development Network (SUSDEN), Malaysia

Sinapan Samidorai, President, THINK-Centre, Singapore

Indonesian Organizations

Rukha Sambolinggi, Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN) Jakarta
Kelick Ismunanto, Peoples Democratic Party, Indonesia
Lonnenga Ginting, WALHI/Friends of the Earth Indonesia, Jakarta

Leslie Dahanaike, President, Abdul Careem Shahul Hameed, Secy, Union of Journalists of Sri Lanka, Colombo
Leslie Dahanaike, Journalists for Peace, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phillipino Organizations

Corazon Valdes-Fabros, No Nukes Asia
Corazon Valdes-Fabros, Nuclear-Free Phillipines Coalition, Quezon City, Phillipines
Corazon Valdes-Fabros, Convenor, Gathering for Peace, Quezon City, Phillipines
Frances Q. Quimpo, KALIKASAN - Peoples Network for the Environment, Quezon City
Sonny Melencio, Vice-Chair, Bukluran ng Manggawang Pilipino, Quezon City, Maria Finesa A. Cosico, AGHAM
Sonia S. Mendoza, Mother Earth Unlimited, Quezon City, Phillipines
Lou Valencia Arseno, Caritas Manila, Aurora A. Parong, PEACE CAMP, Quezon City, Phillipines
Max De Mesa, Task Force Detainees of the Phillipines
Herbert Docena, Focus on the Global South
Dr Reynaldo Lesaca, Chair, Dr Joseph Carabeo, Secy, Health Alliance for Democracy, Phillipines
Boyette Jurcales, Secy-General, BAYAN
Ferdinand R. Gaite, COURAGE, Quezon City
Congressman J. V. Bautista, SANLAKAS, Quezon City
John Witeck, Phillipine Workers Support Committee, Honululu

Korean Organizations

Bu Young Lee, Gou Tae Kim, National Council for Peace on the Korean Penninsula
Bu Young Lee, Independent Congressman
Gou Tae Kim, Congressman, New Democratic Party
Cheong Wooksik, Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea (CNPK) Seoul, South Korea
Mr Choi Yul, President, Mr Lim Gil Jin President, Seo Joo Wan
Secy-General, Yeonji Kim, Park Jin Sub, Myung Ho, Kim Nak Jung, Korean Federation of Environmental Movements (KFEM)/ Friends of the Earth Korea,, Seoul, Korea
Yoomi Jeong, Korea Truth Commission, Pyongyang/Seoul/Tokyo/NY Hyun Sook Lee, Women Making Peace (Korea)
Prof Dae-Hwa Chung, Political Science Dept, Pusan National University, Korea

Japanese Organizations

Kenjiro Yokoro, Secy General, JPPNW, Hiroshima, Japan
Atsusi Fujioka, Institute for Peace and Human Rights, Kyoto, Japan
Atsuhi Fujioka, World Peace Development Centre, Kyoto, Japan
Satomi Oba, Plutonium Action Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Prof Mitei Murata, (fmr Ambassador), Tokai Gakuen University, Japan

Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, Suva, Fiji

Latin-American Organizations

Senator Roberto Saturnino, Brasilia, Brasil
Dina Lida Kinoshita, Brasil Peace Council, Sao Palo, Brasil
Luis Guttierez, Latin-American Circle for International Studies (LACIS), Mexico City, Mexico
Rocio Tame Barcenas, Raul Tame Barcenas, Mexico Peace Council
Nuri Fernandez, Red de Sociedad Civil, Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico Por la Paz
Jean Patterson, San Jose Friends Meeting, San Jose, Costa Rica
Jorge Valls, Presidente, Roberto Simeon, Secretario, Partido Social-Revolucionario Democratico de Cuba
Julio Grace de Haro, APDH Bariloche, Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina
Raul Montenegro, FUNAM, Cordoba, Argentina

African Organizations

Dr Charles Y. Brempong-Yeboah MP, State House, Accra, Ghana
Maria Donata Watodonha, MP, Tanzanian National Assembly, Dodoma, Tanzania
Hon. Dr Diodorus Buberwa Kamala MP, Parliament of Tanzania
Patrick O. Onyango, Citizens Coalition for Constitutional Change, Kenya
Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth Nigeria/Environmental Rights Action (ERA) Benin City, Nigeria

New Zealand Organizations

Commander Robert D. Green, Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, Aotearoa/NZ
Briar Maaroufi, Nelson Peace Group, Nelson, New Zealand
Larry Ross, Secy/Founder, New Zealand Nuclear-free Peacemaking Association, Christchurch, NZ
Robert E. White, Director, Centre for Peace Studies, Auckland University
Desmond Brough, Chair, National Consultative Committee on Peace and Disarmament, (NCCPD)
Desmond Brough, Chair, Peace Council Aotearoa/NZ
Lei Clifford, Peace Action Kapiti, Aotearoa/NZ
Marion Hancock, Director, Peace Foundation, Aotearoa/NZ, Auckland NZ
Maire Leadbeater, Indonesian Human Rights Committee, Auckland, NZ
Tony Maturin, Wellington Quakers Peace and Public Questions Committee
Hon Matt Robson MP, New Zealand Parliament, Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party, Former Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control
Keith Locke MP, Greens Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs
Rod Donald MP, Green Party Co-Leader
Jeanette Fitzsimmons MP, Green Party Co-Leader

Australian Organizations

Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, Australian Democrats, SA
Senator Andrew Bartlett, Leader, Democrats, (Qld)
Senator Lyn Alison, Australian Democrats, Vic
Senator Brian Grieg, Australian Democrats W.A.
Senator Kerry Nettle, Greens, NSW
Senator George Campbell, ALP NSW
Kelly Hoare MHR, ALP Member for Charlton, NSW
Harry Jenkins MP, Federal Member for Scullin, Australia
Harry Quick MHR, ALP Member for Franklin, Tas
Jill Hall MHR, ALP Member for Shortland NSW
Tanya Plibersek MHR, ALP Member for Sydney, NSW
Jann Mc Farlane MHR, Member for Stirling, W.A.
Carmen Lawrence MHR, Member for Fremantle, W.A.
Martin Ferguson MHR, Member for Batman, Vic
Laurie Ferguson MHR, Member for Reid, NSW
Maria Vamvakinou MHR, Member for Calwell
Michele O' Byrne MHR, Federal member for Bass, Tasmania
Sandra Kanck MLC, State Parliamentary Leader, Australian Democrats, SA
Christine Sharp, MLC, Greens, Legislative Council W.A.
Giz Watson MLC, Greens, Legislative Council, W.A.
Dee Margetts MLC, Greens, Legislative Council, W.A.
Kerrie Tucker MLC Greens, ACT Legislative Assembly
Meredith Burgmann MLC, President, NSW Legislative Council, Sydney
Ian Cohen MLC Greens, NSW Legislative Council
Lee Rhiannon MLC Greens, NSW Legislative Council
Sylvia Hale MLC, Greens, NSW Legislative Council
Clover Moore MLC, NSW Legislative Council
Ian Gilfillan MLC, Democrats, SA
Brendan Toohey, Vice President, Australian Democrats, Tasmania
John Rolls, Australian Democrats S..A.
Don Sinnamon, Deputy President, Australian Democrats Queensland, Fortitude Valley, Qld
Deb Foskey, International Secy, Australian Greens
Irene Gale, Australian Peace Committee, Adelaide
Sue Gilbey, Secy, Australian Peace Committee South Australia
Babs Fuller-Quinn, Australian Peace Committee Sydney
Doreen Borrow, Australian Peace Committee South Coast
Hiroshima Day Committee Wollongong
NOWAR Committee Wollongong
Pauline Mitchell, Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD) Melb
Margaret Reynolds (pres) David Purnell, United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA)
Rita Warleigh, International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) Sydney, Aust
Angela Drury, People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND) NSW, Surry Hills, NSW
Jo Vallentine, People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND)-W.A., Maylands W.A.
Michael Priceman, People Against a Nuclear Reactor, Sutherland, NSW
Judy Blyth, Anti-Nuclear Alliance of W.A., (ANAWA)
Annemarie Hildinger, Community Antinuclear Network of W.A., (CANNWA), Maylands, W.A.
Irati-Wanti-Kungatjuta Campaign Office, Coober Pedy, SA
Dave Sweeney, National Nuclear Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Carlton, Vic
James Courtney, Campaigner, Greenpeace Australia-Pacific, Sydney, NSW
John Seed, Rainforest Information Centre, Lismore NSW
Kirsten Blair, Environment Centre of the Northern Territory (ECNT) Darwin NT
Peter Murphy, SEARCH Foundation, Broadway, NSW
Iggy Kim, Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP), Chippendale, NSW
Fouad Elhage, Australian-Iraqi Friendship Association
Kel Dummett, Global Justice Inc, RMIT Melb
Ben Leeman, Borderlands Cooperative, Melb, Vic
Leigh Hubbard, Secy, Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC), Carlton, Vic
Dr Mike Donaldson, State Secy, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) NSW
Howard Guille, Secy, NTEU-Queensland
Barbara Meyer, Secy, Canberra Program for Peace, ACT, Aust
Joan Shears, Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, Brisb
Annette Brownlie, Just Peace, Brisbane, Qld
Don Sinnamon/Adrian Skerrit, Queensland Peace Network, Brisb
David Johnson, Australian Campaign Against the Arms Trade (ACAAT), Atherton, Qld
Peter Strong, Ohms Not Bombs, Sydney NSW
Giji Gya, Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW) Melb Vic
Jan de Voogt, Quaker Peace and Justice, Surry Hills, NSW
Gillian Paxton, Convenor, Hobart Quaker Peace and Justice
Rev. Ray Richmond, Wayside Chapel, Uniting Church in Australia, Potts Pt, NSW
Margaret Hinchey, Convenor, Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace (CCJP)
Peter Faulkner, Catholic Earthcare Commission, Adelaide, SA
David Carter, Minister, Clayton-Wesley Uniting Church, Beulah Pk SA
Rev. Neil Tolliday, Uniting Church Ocean Grove, Vic
John Queripel, Wauchope and District Uniting Church, NSW
Rosemary Carter, Minister, Marion-Warrhdale Congregation, Beulah Pk SA
Michael and June Hillier, Ministers, Whyalla Anglican Church, SA
Anne Lane, President, Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, NSW
Keysar Trad, Lebanese Moslem Association, Lakemba, NSW
Imam Taj Aldin Alhilali, Mufti of Australia, Lakemba Islamic Centre
Mary Porter AM, Volunteering in ACT, Belconnen, ACT
Dr Patricia Meckelburg, Social Change and Social Equity Centre, Murdoch University, Perth, W.A.
Bea Bliele, UNE Community for Peace and Freedom, UNE, Armidale, NSW
Phillipa Clarkson, Kuranda Partners for Peace, Kuranda, Qld
Jane Holden, Cairns Peace Coalition, Cairns, Qld
Michele Misiewicz, 2020 Global Peace Trust, Sydney, Aust
Therese Self-Van-Wegen, Peace Works Unlimited, Geelong, Vic
Lynette Dumble, Global Sisterhood Network
Frank Barbaro, FILEF, Adelaide, SA
Hanna-Gee Clough, Artivism Theatre, Brisb
Campbell Manderson, SKA-TV, Channel-31, Carlton, Melb
John Hallam, Nuclear Weapons Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Australia, Sydney

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